Invention Patent Product|Intelligent Integrated Distillation Apparatus, Model: ST106-3RW, Jinan Shengtai Technology
source:Jinan Shengtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • ? In 2009, Jinan Shengtai Technology developed the first intelligent integrated distillation instrument. Since then, the laboratory has bid farewell to the traditional and backward electric furnace distillation method and opened a new era of laboratory intelligent distillation!

    The most watched scientific instruments in 2016
    In 2016, the domestically produced good instrument has the independent intellectual property rights of the intelligent integrated distillation instrument national invention patent technology product, invention patent certificate number: ZL200910019901.4
    Special instruments for Shandong Environmental Monitoring Technology Competition
    2011 Environmental Monitoring Green Instrument Finalist Product
    2012 Independent Innovation Products of Jinan City
    2013 SME Technology Innovation Fund Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology
    ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System Certified Product

    Implementation of the standard
    Water quality Determination of volatile phenols 4-aminoantipyrine spectrophotometric method (HJ 503-2009)
    Water quality-Determination of cyanide by volumetric method and spectrophotometric method (HJ 484—2009)
    Water quality Determination of ammonia nitrogen Distillation-neutralization titration method (HJ 537-2009)
    Determination of soil cyanide and total cyanide spectrophotometric method (HJ 745-2015)

    Production standards
    General technical specification of STEHDB series integrated distillation instrument "Q/0102JST002-2015"

    Usage Description
    In water quality testing and food testing, distillation operation is a very common and very important pretreatment step. Traditional distillation equipment has independent heating, distillation, condensation, and receiving parts. The operation is cumbersome and the efficiency is low; and due to the lack of distillation end point control, distillation often fails, affecting work efficiency, and the open flame heating is extremely explosive. Danger.
    This product adopts intelligent integrated design, adopts far-infrared ceramic heating device instead of high-power electric heater, and adopts technical means such as intelligent distillation end point control, built-in cooling water automatic cooling and reflux device, and professionally designed condenser tube, which realizes simple operation, Automatic distillation, beautiful and practical, energy saving and consumption reduction, etc., can be widely used in the distillation of volatile phenol, cyanide, ammonia nitrogen, etc. of water samples in environmental monitoring, water supply and drainage, CDC and other fields; sulfur dioxide in the field of food testing Distillation operation of residual amount, formaldehyde, alcohol content, etc.

    Instrument innovation
    (1) Single hole and single control can be used to realize timing and quantitative automatic distillation, setting range: 1-500ml;
    (2) Built-in cooling water tank, imported brand compressor and air-cooled dual cooling mode, without external cooling water or chiller;
    (3) Use far-infrared ceramic heating device to replace ordinary electric heating furnace or electric heating mantle, which is more energy-saving and has good waterproof effect and acid and alkali corrosion resistance;
    (4) Automatic anti-back suction and anti-over-distillation protection system;
    (5) Large LCD touch screen, easy to operate and easy to use;
    (6) Patented snake-shaped condenser, double-layer vacuum design, fast distillation rate, heating without sucking back;
    (7) Imported leakage protection system to ensure the safety and reliability of the experiment;
    (8) A set of special customized six-digit round-bottom flask racks will be presented at random.

  • modelST106-3RW (for water quality inspection and distillation pre-treatment)
    Display method7 inch LCD touch screen
    heating methodFar infrared ceramic heating (no open flame heating, waterproof)
    Distillation endpoint controlThe volume of single-hole distillation distillate can be set (setting range: 0-1000ml)
    temperature controlSingle-hole automatic temperature control, room temperature -250℃
    time control0-150min
    Number of distillation units6 individual far-infrared ceramic heating holes
    Distillation flask specificationsStandard configuration: 500ml×6; 250ml×6 (optional)
    Distillate receiving bottleStandard configuration: 250ml×6; 100ml×6 (optional)
    Leakage protection deviceHave
    Rated voltage220V/50HZ
    rated power3500W (adjustable)
    Dimensions (mm)?960×576×400
    cooling methodBuilt-in compressor cooling water circulation system design, truly integrated distillation instrument
    Scope of applicationPre-distillation treatment of volatile phenol, cyanide, ammonia nitrogen and other items in water quality testing
  • Shandong Environmental Monitoring Center

    Jinan Environmental Monitoring Center Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center

    Shanxi Linfen Hydrology and Water Resources Testing Center Chongqing Environmental Monitoring Center

    Liaoning Province Hydrology and Water Resources Monitoring Center Zhejiang Province Environmental Monitoring Center

    Beijing Drainage Group Water Quality Testing Center Hangzhou Environmental Monitoring Center

    Jinan Water Supply and Drainage Testing Center Yunnan Environmental Monitoring Center

    Zhangjiakou Hydrology and Water Resources Testing Center Kunming Environmental Monitoring Center

    Yangquan Hydrology and Water Resources Testing Center Fujian Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center

    Yantai Hydrology and Water Resources Testing Center Henan Environmental Monitoring Center

    Weihai City Hydrology and Water Resources Testing Center Guizhou Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center

    Hefei Environmental Monitoring Center Jiaozuo Environmental Monitoring Center

    Guiyang Environmental Monitoring Center Anqing Environmental Monitoring Center

    Shaanxi Environmental Monitoring Center Taizhou Environmental Monitoring Center

    . . . . . .

  • This manual focuses on the research and development background, detailed technical parameters, analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of this product, the intelligent integrated distillation apparatus, and the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional distillation device, the principle structure diagram, the introduction of innovation points, and the scope of application.

    See the catalog for details:

    1. Company profile of Jinan Shengtai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
    2. The R&D background of the intelligent integrated distillation instrument
    3. Technical PK with traditional distillation equipment
    4. Product technical parameters of intelligent integrated distillation instrument
    Five, the principle structure description diagram of the intelligent integrated distillation instrument
    Sixth, the technological innovation and scope of application of the intelligent integrated distillation instrument
    Seven, the operating procedures for the use of the intelligent integrated distillation instrument
    8. Precautions for the use of intelligent integrated distillation instrument

    9. Patent certificate and award documents

    10. Questions and answers from some netizens

    The product promotion manual can be downloaded directly by clicking:

    icon_pdf.gif Jinan Shengtai ST106 series intelligent integrated distillation instrument promotion manual.pdf

keywords: the new laboratory analytical instruments, intelligent pre-processing equipment

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